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Your company stores information which could be a huge risk to your business in the wrong hands.

According to the BBC Money Programme, the cost of identity theft in the UK is approximately £1.7bn and has become the most costly security risk a business faces.

Every business has to securely dispose of confidential information, including client information, credit card receipts and personal files. This is a legal requirement and faliure to do so can result in penalties of up to £500,000.

Our secure shredding solution will reduce the number of important documents slipping through the net illegally and possibly into a waste paper bin.

We can shred, bale and ensure that your shredded paper is recycled back into products, such as kitchen paper or facial tissues.

We will work with you to implement the most suitable and cost effective shredding solution for your office, supplying different sized consoles or wheelie bins with a lock and a slot, or secure sacks which can be ordered along with your office supplies, online or via the telephone.
Step 1 – Fill up
Once your solution is agreed, you then fill the consoles, bins or secure sacks with the important documentation to be shredded. You don’t even have to remove staples or paperclips.
Step 2 – Collect
When containers are full, we will collect. You can either call us when you are ready for a collection, or we can schedule a weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly collection. Once your documents are collected, we will be able to provide you with a certificate for your records.
Step 3 – Shred
Depending on your organisation’s security requirements, we can then either shred your documents on-site using a mobile shredding truck, or we can safely transport them to one of our secure shredding facilities with a robust audit trail.
Step 4 – Recycle
Once your documents have been shredded, they will be taken to a secure recycling facility where the paper is then baled and then sent for recycling.
To implement a secure and cost effective shredding solution in your office, get in touch with a member of the team today.